Hi, my name is Claudia

Hola todos, my name is Claudia and this is my senior year at Cortland. I was born and raised in Queens. I’m an English major with a Spanish minor. I’m a huge advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights and POC rights. Fun fact: Its the first night of the semester and my house almost caught on fire at 4 am. Oh, and my landlord didn’t put batteries in the fire detectors. Great start to the semester. Thriving 🙂

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  1. Hey Claudia! Yikes – what a way to start the semester off! I am hoping that your landlord learned his / her lesson.. and fingers crossed that doesn’t happen again! Hope today went a bit smoother for you!

  2. Hi Claudia! So sorry that your semester had such a rough start, but it’s really cool that your such an advocate for LGBTQIA+ and POC! I too am very passionate about those things and am looking forward to having engaging conversations within the class this semester!

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