Hi! I’m Tai.

Hi everyone! My name Is Tai and I am a senior! I live an hour outside Albany, New York! I am hoping to move downstate or attend a graduate school there because I’m tired of upstate NY and would like to experience somewhere else new and different. I am a Sociology major with a concentration in Criminology and my minor is English! I am in a sorority here on campus and I am living at the sorority house this year and I love it so far! I also live with one of my close friends from freshman year who joined Sigma Delta Tau the same time I did! She also has a dog!!! Who also lives with us! Her name is Nala and she will be a year old on October 14th! She’s a chihuahua corgi mix and shes the cutest!!!! I’m excited for this course and I had Professor Savonick last semester and I loved her class so I’m sure all of us will enjoy this class as well.

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  1. Hi Tai!

    First, I am super excited to be in another English class with you! I was actually sitting in class yesterday reminiscing on our beautiful final project for English 252. Also, Nala is absolutely adorable!! The pictures of her make me miss my dogs. I have a boxer named Belle and a golden retriever lab mix and her name is Daisy Mae. Anyway, thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures of Nala and I will see you in class tomorrow!!

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