LGBTQ History Digitized

This project has been put together and maintained by Avery Dame-Griff. He is a Lecturer of Communication studies at Gonzaga University. A cool thing is that he says to contact him with any new information, or to just let him know why we’re using the website. On this website are projects that include early LGBTQ online communities, an archive of transgender-related net groups, Interactive maps, and one of the first international transgender-specific BBS networks.

The main point of QDHP is an effort to document pre-2010 LGBTQ digital spaces. They are constantly updating and adding to their sources. This website is clearly made for LGBTQ+ Fanatics and scholars. A lot of the information is dense and heavy to understand if you aren’t well-versed in technology and the acronyms entailed, you have to keep going back to previous pages to remember what they meant as I did. The good news is that almost all information is accessible to everyone to use. The website itself is very bland, but it’s doing a lot of important work. I downloaded one of the “AIDS Information BBS” it took five minutes to download as well as putting 6,366 files on my laptop. This website is clearly doing important work, there was also an attachment that got sent to me so that I could subscribe to any further information about AIDS BBS.

The organization of the site is based on “Digital Transgender Archive”, they know it may not be the most organized, but it avoids adding labels to people who might not identify with them. I’m not sure how successful this is in terms of reaching other people, but in terms of the Activism it’s doing a lot of amazing work

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  1. Hi Tiffany, I really enjoyed reading about the project that you chose to write about. A thing that interested me was that the leader of communication studies wants individuals to contact him with any new information or let him know why they are using the website. This interested me because it demonstrates that the platform is an interactive website and obtains various information from participants. Another aspect of QDHP that is beneficial to its viewers is that it is always updating which means that the information is reliable. Regarding what you said about having to download a file which took five minutes, I think this website can improve by organizing each document by a certain aspect. As a result, when viewers have to download something it won’t take as long to download a certain file.

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