SNCC Project

SNCC Digital Gateway project which is the “Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee” is an archive due to it being a documentary website and its historical content. It offers viewers to take a glimpse into a different time period. The SNCC Digital Gateway’s goal is to focus on voter registration and on initiating a systematic challenge to the white supremacy that governed the country’s political, economic, and social structures. In other words, the project works for black people to take control of their political and economic lives. Furthermore, the Digital Gateway project reveals SNCC as an organization. It examines how it coordinated sit-ins and freedom schools, voter registration and economic cooperatives, anti-draft protests, and international solidarity struggles. The Digital Gateway continuously encourages young people to empower others and to keep making changes to the world for people of color. 

The SNCC Legacy Project and Duke University formed a partnership that created this project in 2013. The partnership helped historic struggles for voting rights and to develop ongoing programs that include a more inclusive democracy to a newer generation. Information found on the website includes profiles of individuals that have helped with the movement. The individuals of this project have digitized materials so that they are more obtainable to the younger generation. In addition, there are board members listed at the bottom of the “about” page. Board members include Advisory Board Members, Editorial Board Members, Student Project Team, SUNY Geneseo Interns, Project Interns, Digital Projects Developer, Projects Developer, Project Coordinator, and Project Manager. Furthermore, there is no information listed about funding sources. In addition, the project contributors are most likely volunteers. Although, the website may not have monetary compensation I believe that anyone that views this platform can benefit from the history of it.


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