Ethical EdTech

Ethical EdTech is created to serve as a source for information on technology surrounding education platforms and to serve as a reference for ethical pedagogy. Ethical EdTech operates as website with two main contributors out of CU Boulders media design lab. What we currently know is that the platforms used for education are for profit which means that they are not created with the users best interest, but with the most profitable outcome in mind. Ethical EdTech is transformative as it provides educators a way to find useful, appropriate and not for profit platforms to share their information. They also create a safe space to collaborate on new ideas surrounding educational technology.

I see this project being really exciting and useful for higher education such as college. Blackboard is tough to navigate and honestly quite depressing. I think a platform like this would be really useful in a college setting and could even involve college students getting involved and creating new platforms. 

This website offers links to past events with data from it and upcoming ones as well which allows you to see what has been done and what can also be done. This shows a bright future for this platform as it moves forward.  Many of my teachers are moving away from blackboard so I see this as very relevant!

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