Chicana por mi Raza

Claudia Benito

This archive is based on the presence of being a Mexican American women (Latinx) and gathering pieces of literature, speeches, journals, photography, etc on the experience of being a Mexican American women in society. The institution was established in 1973 and named Chicana Caucus. The goal of the Chicana Caucus is to establish a safe environment where Chicanas can voice their opinion, their experience, and be politically active to acquire social justice. Another goal of the Chicana Caucus was to fabricate a cultural and political area for these women due to being a person of color and women in American society. 

The program site is supported by Omeka along with being presented in a museum format collection that goes in dept with vast articles, photography, texts, journals, etc. The last time the website was updated was on 02/02/2018 and is on Version 4. The creator of the website is Linda Garcia Merchant, she is a Chicana, and she created the site on 01/05/2018. Through this website platform Chicanas are able to post what they want to share about their experiences to their community, allowing a mutual understanding through the platform and the sense of being understood.

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